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Providence Art Club welcomes C.C. Wolf

  Exhibiting in the Winter Member's Show and the Miniatures Exhibit, C.C. Wolf was admitted to membership in the Providence Art Club. She exhibited in 2021 in the Little Picture Show and in the New Artist Members Show. In March of 2022, C.C. Wolf is displaying an array of new works at the Providence Art Club's exhibit "Visual Journeys".

 © C.C. Wolf
"Voices of the River" - gouache - 8.5 X 11
 © C.C. Wolf
"October Explosion" - acrylic - 19 X 26

At Dryden Gallery...

   C.C. Wolf exhibited a large, one-person show that extended for two months from mid-May through mid-July, 2019 at the Dryden Gallery in Providence, RI.

1st Place
20th Annual National Watermedia Competition

   The Rhode Island Watercolor Society

In the show's catalog program notes, juror Barbara Nechis commented that she was "captivated by the color."
 © C.C. Wolf
"Believe Your Dreams" - acrylic - 19 X 25
 © C.C. Wolf
"Life Desires"
11 X 14


   The prestigious Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, in New York City, included "Life Desires", a vibrant abstract painting, in their 116th Annual Open Exhibition.

DeBlois Gallery

A review excerpted from "Three's a Charm" in Newport's "Mercury" newspaper.
by Jess Braley

   Although they all are heavily influenced by memory and past experiences, the trio of women exhibiting work in DeBlois Gallery's April show couldn't be more different. Jill McLaughlin, Shari Weschler Rubeck and C.C. Wolf separate themselves from each other in media, methods and interpretation, if not inspiration.

   Wolf's work is a series of 16 brilliantly colorful and varyingly abstracted landscapes. She finds inspiration in the world around her, as do the others, but symbolism weighs heavily in her process. Wolf has evolved into using rubber stamps in some of the gouache pieces, with small butterflies and sandpipers making appearances in otherwise abstract pieces. In her mixed media pieces, shimmering pastels take on cosmic patterns up close, revealing purple flowers and red-rimmed leaves as in "Bridge of Dreams", or seemingly underwater plants and a stenciled bright blue No. 2 as in "How Many". "A Destiny Full of Flowers and Thorns" is another great piece, featuring a grid of vibrant gouache farmland, including a flowering field and a small horse.

   The different approaches each artist takes do not devolve as happens in many shows that try too hard... the latest show at DeBlois truly sings.

 © C.C. Wolf
"Bridge of Dreams"
mixed media - 19 X 26
 © C.C. Wolf
"How Many?"
gouache - 9 X 12

Summer on the Cape...

   When Gallery 333 promoted their opening, they chose to use a painting by C.C. Wolf in their announcement advertisement in Cape Arts Review. Coincidentally, The Falmouth Enterprise wrote an article describing the show, and they, too, used one of Wolf's paintings to illustrate the story.

 © C.C. Wolf
 © C.C. Wolf  © C.C. Wolf


   The Copley Society of Art, Boston, displayed "Last Second" at the "Windswept" show.

 © C.C. Wolf
"Last Second"
pastel, liquid graphite
14 X 20

A review of a showing...

   Gallery Z in Providence featured C.C. Wolf and two other artists in a large show.

Quoted from the Providence Journal, June 18,2009.By Bill Van Siclen, Providence Journal Arts Writer
Wolf catches the wind
   In a statement that accompanies her new exhibit at Gallery Z, artist C.C. Wolf describes her goal as "trying to express a sense of flow." On paper, that might sound like a fool's errand - the artistic equivalent of trying to catch the wind. But in practice, Wolf's vibrant, lushly colored paintings really do manage to capture something of the flux and flow of human consciousness.

   Granted, even the most determined daydreamers can't always keep the real world out. A work called Traveling, for example, features a woman outlined against a shimmering background that may (or may not) be an airport terminal. Another work, The Opening, combines landscape features such as trees and hills with more abstract passages. Yet in the show's best works, Wolf lets her imagination break free of worldly constraints, allowing her brush to skip and swirl as though propelled by the wind itself. The result: paintings that have some of the breezy, freewheeling warmth of a good samba.
 © C.C. Wolf
gouache, pastel - 11 X 15
 © C.C. Wolf
"The Opening"
gouache, casein - 11 X 15
19 0n Paper
Touching the End of Eternity, IV - gouache - 22 X 30

About "19 on Paper"...

  "19 on Paper", founded in 1986, is a group of artists who are bound together by the common element of paper in our art.

All media including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, mixed media, and collage are represented in the group, as are many styles, from the very realistic to the abstract.

Our purpose is to offer curated exhibitions of our work to galleries, museums, art centers, schools, public spaces, and corporate spaces.

More information may be found at 19onpaper.com

The Copley Society

   In early 2006, C.C. Wolf was accepted as an associate to The Copley Society of Art in Boston.

  The Copley Society of Art is the oldest non-profit art association in the United States. It was founded in 1879 by the first graduating class of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, to further the cause of art and its study.

  Some of the Copley Society's early exhibitions include Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, John Singer Sargent and James McNeil Whistler.

More information may be found at copleysociety.org
The Copley Society, Boston
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